International Financial Services Centres Authority

(A statutory authority established by Government of India)

IFSCA Committee

List of Committees

Date IFSCA Committee
2020080303/08/2020 Committee of Experts for the IFSC International Retail Business Development
2020092222/09/2020 Committee of Experts for Feasibility of the Variable Capital Company in India (VCC)
2020110909/11/2020 Committee of Experts on Insurance
2021020505/02/2021 Committee of Experts on positioning IFSC as a hub for offshore trading in INR
2021052525/05/2021 Committee of Experts on Investment Funds
2021062525/06/2021 Committee of Experts on Ship Financing & Leasing
2021071515/07/2021 Committee of Experts on Setting up of Longevity Finance Hub in GIFT IFSC
2021093030/09/2021 Committee of Experts on Sustainable Finance
2022051111/05/2022 Expert Committee for drafting legal framework for allowing Variable Capital Company (VCC) structure in the IFSC(s)
2022101414/10/2022 Committee of Experts for evaluation and recommendation of applications under IFSCA FinTech Incentive Scheme, 2022
2022020909/02/2022 IFSCA constitutes Project Advisory Committee for IFSCA HQ Building project at GIFT City, Gandhinagar.
2022121616/12/2022 IFSCA constitutes Committee on Framework for transfer of stressed loans from domestic lenders to permitted financial institutions in IFSC
2021102828/10/2021 IFSCA constitutes Advisory Committee for steering InFinity Forum 2021
2023032121/03/2023 Constitution of Expert Committee to onshore the Indian Innovation to GIFT IFSC
2023052424/05/2023 Constitution of Precious Metals Advisory Committee (PMAC)
2023071212/07/2023 Expert Committee on the Development of Pension Products at GIFT IFSC
2023081010/08/2023 Expert Committee on drafting Institutional Arbitral Rules for International Arbitration Centre (IAC) at GIFT-IFSC and matters incidental thereto
2023081717/08/2023 Cyber Security Advisory Committee (CSAC)
2023091212/09/2023 Expert Committee on Asset Tokenization
2023092222/09/2023 Expert Committee on Secondary Markets
2023092727/09/2023 Expert Committee on Voluntary Carbon Market
2023092727/09/2023 Fund Management Advisory Committee (FMAC)
2023121212/12/2023 IFSCA Expert Committee on Research Studies
2023122121/12/2023 Expert Committee on Climate Finance
2024011919/01/2024 Expert Committee on REITs and InvITs in IFSC
2024021616/02/2024 Advisory Committee on Exchange Traded Currency Derivatives
2024022323/02/2024 Standing Committee on Primary Markets
2024052222/05/2024 Expert Committee on positioning GIFT IFSC as Global Commodity Trading Hub